Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Welcome to my Blog " Lolita Wonderland". Very unimaginative i know, but at 5.30pm on a Tuesday Night I am Really not bothered at the moment to think. This is My blog Dedicated to Gothic+Lolita Fashion and the exploration of the culture assosiated with it. Also side line quests such as 'Lolita' games, lolita-esque items found in chain stores and the random.

~ About Me - non lolita side story

I am a 21 Year old Australian Gothic Lolita Called Cherry. I am Also a Mother of a one year old boy called Matty and Married to a 26 year old IT sys Admin, Djpain. I spend My days watching kids shows, being a house wife and on weekends/nights out I am Gothic Lolita.