Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Massive Review time ~ Electric Alice, Bodyline and CosplaywigsUSA/Lolita wigs/Gothic lolita Wigs

So ive been busy with my bithday preparations comming up, ive ordered alot of stuff from the interwebs and im awaiting arrival on 5 parcels to arrive still one from sweden from the comm_sales, one from Qutieland from china, one from angelic pretty, one from eBay (vivienne westwood lady dragon knock offs) and one from the usa from modcloth (non-lolita item ), honestly im getting worried about the sales comm one that i paid for on the 18th of jan .. the qutieland one was delayed from chinese new years ( ) I just hope everything will arrive in time for my birthday on the 26th of feb for my planned co-ordinate !

Electric Alice Review ~

Item/s : Celeste Stein leopard print tights, chocomint teacup and pot 2 way brooch
 Link :
Shipping : ♡♡♡♡♡
Accuracy : ♡♡♡♡♡ ♥
Communication : ♡♡♡♡♡

I paid and bought this on Jan 31st via paypal and i recieved it a short 3 days later on feb 3rd ! they do overnight delivery for australias which is awesome especially if you have a sudden event to go to ! unfortunately at the moment they have been extremely busy and contacted me via email that they couldn't ship my stuff immediately but compensated with a freebie.
The Celeste stein tights i managed to finally wear yesterday after Sydney's heatwave broke and the weather in the morning dropped down to 22℃ (71℉ to you Americans out there) and i must say they are the such comfy tights ! the pattern doesn't even stretch out on my thighs, its still recognisable ! I managed to get a full 4 hours wear out of them before the weather went up again to a warm 25℃ / 77℉. BUT I'M NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER .. no matter how interesting it actually is over here.
The next item i got was the teapot and cup 2 way clip. The funkiest thing about this item is that you can use it in your hair one day or on your clothes the next. i've found it looks best when the teapot is on a vertical since the cup is then horizontal and gives the illusion that the pearls (tea) are flowing into the cup from the teapot.  It's made of felt and has such cute detailing like the shown stitching and mini mini bows ~ ♡
 Also indluded in my package was some awesome Electric Alice stickers and a sparkly 2 way strawberry brooch thats puffy and made from sequins ! ♥♥♥

taking off the outter packaging was a smaller bag

Wrapped  up in bright pink tissue paper

All my items !

Teapot and cup brooch and my strawberry 2 way clip freebie, such cute detailing  in the teapot brooch

Electric Alice super glitter stickers !

Everything together

CosplayWig USA/Gothic Lolita Wigs/ Lolita Wigs review !

Item/s :Chocolate Brown Wavy Wig
Shipping : ♡♡♡♡♡
Accuracy : ♡♡♡♡♡ ♥
Communication : ♡♡♡♡♡

I'm so pale that i find it hard to pull off light colours without looking like a ghost, so when i found out Gothic Lolita wigs/Lolita wigs/Cosplay wigs USA finally had this awesome dark chocolate Brown wig up for sale i snapped up the oppotunity to buy it !! and i must say they do not disapoint, due to monitor settings and other customers wigs either looking too dark or too light, i plunged to see for myself what colour it would turn out to be, and im actually really happy with the outcome ! Its a wine red brown, and is soo soft and pretty. the best thing about having a wig in this style is that it can be worn with or without lolita, and looks so edgey natural . compared with my other brown wig from biscutswong you can definately tell the difference in the natural brown from biscutswong to the edgey wine-red brown from Gothic Lolita wigs/Lolita wigs/Cosplay wigs USA.
The shipping was sent with tracking so i could anxiously refresh my browser everyday to see where it was at, but for some reason it constantly said it left Houston, TX and that was it, not if it was in transit somewhere or stuck in customs. but the shipping time was relatively normal, not too fast not too slow. It took about a week to arrive, i payed for it on monday the 31st and it arrived on Tuesday the 8th.
The packaging was a little banged up arriving all the way from the USA and was slightly wet inside, lucky it was more than likely rainwater but if i had any clothing or papers they would of been damaged.  i was slightly worried the hair falls would of been crushed from the little protection and lucky it was safe.

The lightly damaged package

Adjustable sizing on the wig cap so it fits anyone's head from large to small
Hair falls, i do wish that the Clip was black or another darker colour , rather than bright orange..  
With full lighting to show off the wine red brown that it is , since ive moved my desk. Taken about midday

Bodyline Review ~

Item/s :Pink blouse and boater hat
Shipping : ♡♡♡♡♡
Accuracy : ♡♡♡♥♥ ♥
Communication : ♡♡♡♡♡

This I must admit i only bought to use for my bithday and temporary untill i get a better pink blouse, but i never thought it would turn out to be this disapointing. usually most of my things from bodyline are pretty average.
First off its pretty thin, i wore this over my dress for about 5 minutes and in natural lighting at my house it was pretty see through, i could see my black dress through the cotton, the lace on the blouse however is actually really nice and soft and cotton.
Lucky im intending on wearing this with a jumperskirt on top and not by itself.
The sleeves are detatchable which would be very versatile if however the sleeves weren't already out stretched and still had some elastic in them, which  they don't.
I'm going to try and add some bows on the side to bring the sleeves in to the circumference of my arm.

Next item was a beige boater hat, nothing really good nor bad about this item, its just a standard hat that really doesnt stand out that much apart from on the tag it says 100% paper :|

I had to fight Australia Post for this box, The courier didnt even knock on my door to give me it, just left a note in my mailbox X(

My blouse and Boater Hat

The blouse, to show comparison of the detatchable sleeve

really cute lace !!

The blouse sleeve on the outside with a knot of where the buttons to hold the detatchable sleeve on the inside

How the sleeves are attatched

worn, dont know if you can see with this photo the dress through the blouse

Boater hat worn,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summer Lolita + You

Its been soo hot here in australia reaching a whoping 35℃ ( 95℉ for you americans out there) yesterday and i dont think i could ever see myself walking out the street on a day like that in full or even  casual lolita !
 While dressing in summer in Lolita is a task in itself with so many layers some tips to help keep cool are to wear singlet top cutsews and short socks or even better yet sandals like these from replica brand Antaina (also spelt : An tai na )

So my lovely dolls how do you keep cool in summer ?